Thursday, February 18, 2010

Year 1, Week 29

(December 26, 2009 - January 1, 2010)

We didn't take any pictures this week. Some of this is because we were on vacation and lazy, but a lot of it is because we broke our camera lens and just relied on other people to document stuff. So here is a picture I stole from Bill.

Year 1, Week 28

(December 19-25, 2009)

We drove up to Seattle and took the long route through the Sierras so Will could play in the snow. Will was not impressed.

He much preferred eating a sandwich while driving the car.

Also, you know. Christmas.

Year 1, Week 27

(December 12-18, 2009)

The second craft fair was on the 11th and 12th, and it was up in San Francisco. Will got to spend some time with Grandma Gail and Great Grandma Jo while we headed up north.

Later in the week, Will climbed on Lorne's lap while he napped.

Then he got haircut #2.

Year 1, Week 26

(December 5 - 11, 2009)

Remember those two holiday fairs? We were kind of busy with the first one this week. Subsequently, this is the only photo taken this week.

Year 1, Week 25

(November 28 - December 4, 2009)

First off - I was messing with my Flickr account a little while ago. Unbeknownst to me, messing with privacy options completely changes picture URLs, and changing the privacy options back to what they were doesn't change the URL back to the ones we put in here. So...I totally ruined the entire blog. But Lorne thinks he can write some sort of program to fix it, so...hopefully he can. Or I'm going to be kicking myself for a long time.

Anyway, on to some very belated pictures. I had two holiday craft fairs in December and Will got tired of watching me sew, so he decided to help.

He also danced awkwardly.

And was adorable.