Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day Thirteen - Baseball

Today Will went to his first baseball game. The Twins don't often come to San Diego, so Lorne was pretty excited to find that their first visit since Petco Park was built happened to be a few weeks after Will's birth. Will has a Twins onesie and booties that match this cap and his blanket, and though many of his other size 3-6 month clothes fit just fine, those were sadly too big.

Baseball games, like picnics, are very tiring.

Will didn't think much of the drunk Padres fans sitting a few rows behind us:

The Twins could not deny the adorable baby decked out in their gear a win. (Or maybe the Padres aren't very good this make the call.)

Everyone is happy, though a little bit tired.

When we got home, Will tried to eat Lorne's shirt. He still hasn't quite got the whole nursing thing down yet.

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