Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 135

Grandma Diane came to visit today, but Will was already in bed by the time the plane landed. Before bedtime, just before we put his pajamas on, Will had some mostly naked play time on his sports bears quilt. He likes being naked quite a bit, so we figured we'd let him play for awhile.

He's been doing this for awhile now, arching his back and turning to one side.

Sometimes he lifts his feet up and swings them to the side. These are probably things babies do before they start rolling over from the back to the front or something, but I am too lazy too look this up and confirm my suspicions.

Look at my belly!

Will has rolled over from his stomach to his back, and then forgotten how to roll over several times now. He did it at 5 weeks, then stopped for several weeks, then did it again for a few weeks, and then stopped for awhile. Now he really wants to roll, but he can't remember how to do it. His trying usually results in the airplane pose.

I can fly!

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Gail said...

Really, Will, you've got to come do yoga with me. Your airplane pose is awesome. Namaste