Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 171

Today Will met more people. Laurel forgot to take the camera with when she introduced Will to Aunt Gwen, Uncle Tom, and Eric. =( We'll have to document their second meeting at Christmas.

Lorne's Aunt Amy had an open house, where she met Will for the first time.

Ryan gives Will a kiss.

And now, a series of photos we call "Grandma Gail is hilarious."

Also, a series of photos we'll call "Grandpa Bill is SHOCKING."

After the party (and an epic trip to take Kevan to a bus to Olympia that involved lots of traffic, a poopsplosion, and dragging an artificial Christmas tree under Laurel's mom's van), we went to Uncle Jon's house to hang out with Laurel's family for a little bit before bed time and leaving for San Diego the next morning.

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