Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 299

Lorne's conference ended today. We took a bus from Oxford to London. The plan was to disembark the bus at an underground station with elevators, as most stations aren't handicapped (and thus, stroller) friendly. Laurel failed to correctly identify a station with an elevator. Hey, she said, let's walk! It won't be that far. And it wouldn't have been, if she'd led them in the right direction. Instead, after 20 minutes, she saw another tube station. "Pimlico? How in God's name did we end up at Pimlico?" she asked.


Two hours after we got off the bus we arrived at our hotel next to St. Paul's Cathedral. Will really liked the full-length mirror in the room.

That mirror baby was pretty handsome. Will gave him some kisses.

Kind of like A-Rod, but not disgusting and creepy.

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