Sunday, August 9, 2009

Year 1, Week 6

My dad is going to be a doctor, so one day at dinner I decided to be like Dad. I put on my scrubs and performed surgery on some food.

First, I went over my last minute surgery instructions.

Here I am making the first incision.

Surgeons won't ever tell you this, but sometimes they sample their work. I always make sure to wipe any evidence off my chin before my patients wake from anesthesia.

Sometimes when you need more dinner for your surgery you have to sign for more before Nurse Daddy will give it to you.

Surgery is delicious!

Always wash down your surgery with a tall glass of water.

Also this week, I learned a new game. It's called TACKLE THE KITTIES OMG IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!



I love my kitties.

Man, this was a busy week. I also learned ANOTHER new game, called Smush Your Face Against This Thing.

I am so awesome at this game.

To round out the week, we went to Anaheim to watch the Twins lose to the stupid Angels. But they had free fireworks after the game, so we sat in the parking lot and watched them, and that was neat.

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