Saturday, October 17, 2009

Year 1, Week 18

This week Mom and Dad took me out to Julian to pick some apples. We stopped to get bagels for breakfast, and the bagel place was out of regular milk so I got to have chocolate milk for the first time.

I drank that whole bottle. Mom and Dad have been holding out on me.

The place we went to was called Calico Ranch Orchard. Mom found it on the internet, and was surprised when she realized that it was the same place Dad took her when she first moved out to San Diego four years ago.

Oh hey, look, there's a lot of apples on the ground there.


We're supposed to be apple picking up, right?

Oh, apple PICKING. Not apple picking up. I see.

These two? These are mine. You probably don't want them anyway, I licked them.


Here's me and Mom with all our loot. I don't know why we're sitting on bales of hay, it's not like they need hay to feed the apples.

After apple picking we went to something called Oktoberfest in Julian. I don't know what that means, and Dad thinks maybe they don't know what it meant either, since they didn't have any German beer.

They had some good polka music though, so I danced and made some new friends.

I also raised the roof.

When we were walking back to the car Mom saw some sign about keeping control of your dogs because of the chickens. Then we had to go find the chickens!

I totally found that chicken. See, it's right there.

Here's a better look at the chickens. They were kind of funky.

Also in week 18:

-The Dodgers split the first two games with the Phillies

-I took this awesome picture of Dad doing the dishes

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