Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 72

Will took a big trip up to Anaheim today to see one of his favorite baseball teams play. No, not the Angels. Will hates the Angels, with the seething hate of a thousand fiery suns. No, Will went to Anaheim because he was excited to watch the Twins play again.

He started the evening off in his carrier all snuggled up against his dad.

Later, he got out of his carrier. He was interested in showing those stupid Angels fans that he wasn't one of them. Will's t-shirt is vintage, all the way from 1989.
It's also size 18 months. Eighteen month old babies must have been much smaller in 1989.

The sun started going down shortly after the game started. It was okay though. The dense layer of smog that covers Anaheim kept us all nice and warm the whole night.

Will was a little concerned about the drunkards that sat behind us for a few innings.

When they left, though, it was a little quieter. This was the perfect time to take a nap, seeing as how the Twins were crushing those stupid Angels, so all the fans weren't very loud.

Oh baseball. You are so very funny.

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