Sunday, September 27, 2009

Year 1, Week 8 - Vacation Week! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

So remember when we said, "We'll update this once a week! We'll be on top of it better!" That was a lie. Anyway, back to vacation week, which was...oh...almost two months ago.

On Tuesday we hung around the house and read books.

On Wednesday, Uncle Kevan played the guitar and sang songs for the kids to dance to.

Then we went to the Lagunitas Brewery.

Emma and Will weren't allowed to go on the tour, since they aren't of age, but we all hung around at the tap room (which was literally just a little room, with a lot of outdoor courtyard seating outside) after the end of the tour.

That's orange soda.

Will and Grandpa Bill had a good time.

On Thursday, Will & Zayley ate at the big table, because they are big kids.

Then they rode around in a diaper box, because they're not that big.

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