Sunday, September 27, 2009

Year 1, Week 9

End of vacation week. Boooo. Here's what we did on Saturday:

All the kids read Newsweek while we packed up the house.

Then Uncle Kev gave them a ride.

It was pretty awesome.

After we packed everything up and dropped the key off at the vacation rental place, we headed out to a park for a picnic before everyone went their separate ways.

That night we drove to San Luis Obispo. The next morning we started the rest of the way home to San Diego. We tried to have a nice little breakfast, and Lorne tried to help Will use crayons for the first time.

Then there was a meltdown, which we did not document for posterity. Once back home, Will caught up on his reading.

He also caught up on his playing with a dump truck while sitting in a cardboard box time.

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