Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Year 1, Weeks 38 - 42

Week 38: February 27 - March 5

You may be saying, "This is not a picture of Will." And you are correct. However, the little yellow thing sitting on George is Mr. Lion. Mr. Lion is necessary for Will to sleep. Will saw George taking a nap and decided that George was in need of Mr. Lion.

Week 39: March 6 - 12

Gardening with Dad

Waiting for pizza.

Week 40: March 13 - 19

Watering the strawberries.

Spring training! Watching the Dodgers at Camelback Ranch.

The Twins train in Florida, but no one told Will.

Spring training = RUNNING IN THE GRASS OMG YAY!!!

Week 41: March 20 - 26

No seriously. It really is.

Week 42: March 27 - April 3

Will and I made cookies! This was Will's favorite part.


Sort of.

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