Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Year 1, Weeks 51 - 52

Week 51: May 29 - June 4

We took Will up to the Wild Animal Park this week. He was a fan.

Watching the gorillas.

Will loved watching the lorakeets. A lot. We stayed there for quite awhile.

Peering in to get a closer look.

Will also really enjoyed riding the carousel. He went on it twice and was disappointed when we told him he couldn't keep riding till he went on every single animal.

Also...just...look at this picture. There are no words.

Week 52: June 5 - 11

We went to Sea World and Will enjoyed riding the rides at the Sesame Street Bay of Play...despite what this picture may indicate.

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Annelise said...

Love the pictures!! Will is such a cutie!! What kind of camera are you using? It takes great pictures and I'm starting to do some research on a new one...

I hope you all are well!!

Hugs from,