Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 30 - Still hates baths

Will broke out with a whole lot of baby acne today. Lorne and Laurel read that baths with mild soap every day (more often than he was being bathed) could help clear it up faster. It started off kind of okay.

Then he got a little bit concerned.

Then things were just no good.

One of the websites Laurel looked at for information on baby acne told her that many parents found the baby acne to be unattractive; so much so that parents might not want to take pictures of their child while it was there. The website advised Laurel to take lots of pictures before the baby acne showed up so she and Lorne wouldn't have to take while it was there.

Will thinks that website is kind of crap.


Azalea said...

Okay Willy, I had some serious baby acne too. My mommy didn't go the route of bathing me everyday though, she just waited for it to pass. And waited...and waited. No worries though, it went away eventually! In the meantime, you still have the Walker good looks so don't let it bother you.

Coach Jen said...

I agree Will...that website is poop...the stuff you get rid of every day...not the kind on your hands in the favorite pj pic(I love that one too BTW)...Y'know...your buddy pooh...who Justin agrees is great to stare at cuz he did when he was a little guy like you...but now he's big...and back to the are you...great to stare beautiful boy...acne, schmacknee. Listen to your cousin.