Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 45

Will got this neat sun hat from Grandma Diane. It's still a little big.

This is why Lorne and Laurel turned the brim up (despite it looking a little silly) in the subsequent pictures. Anyway, we took a walk on the San Diego Bay side of Silver Strand State Beach.

As in his last trips to the beach, Will napped most of the time.

Will has been doing these sleepy smiles for several weeks, but this is the first one we caught on camera. He's started smiling for real now, in reaction to us, but only when he's in the right mood. We've yet to be quick enough to take a picture.

Will had another try at the bottle before we turned around and went back to the car. He's having a little trouble figuring out exactly how it works. He takes a bunch of gulps in without breathing, then tries to breathe at the same time as he swallows. This usually results in a mess or in Will freaking out. We're still practicing.

That's okay though. Mom and Dad need some practice in putting on hats, and that seems like it should be way easier to figure out than eating.

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