Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day Twenty - The Beach

Will went to the beach today to watch everyone go swimming and play in the sand for awhile. He wasn't too interested in watching the digging, he decided to take a nap instead.

Will is still too little to go swimming, but Lorne didn't think it would be fair to bring Will to the beach for the first time and not let him dip his feet in the ocean. So he carried him out to the water...

Lorne went to dip him in, but realized his pantlegs were too long.

So he rolled them up, and tried again.

And we learned that ocean water is a great way to wake up a sleeping baby.

He was easily consoled by his dad, however. It seems that in his sleepy haze, he didn't realize that Lorne was the one that inflicted the evil ocean upon his feet in the first place.

He spent the rest of the time at the beach napping on mom's lap.

Meanwhile, Emma worked on burying her leg in sand.

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Azalea said...

Hey Willie, I went swimming today too! It was a lot of fun but my parents always spoil it by being such spazes about me being in the sun too long.