Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 56

We decided to head up the Palm Springs Aerial Tram today, as it was 120 outside* in Palm Springs and it's usually about 40 degrees cooler at the top of the tram. We forgot to bring the stroller to Palm Springs, but we got a nifty little strap-the-baby-to-you carrier. Unfortunately, Will was too warm from the heat already, and he wanted nothing to do with it, so Lorne carried Will on the tram.

The top is about 8,000 feet high. When we got up to the top we basically just lounged around outside and enjoyed not melting.

Will spent some time being adorable.

Looking down on the Coachella Valley.

Looking in on the overpriced restaurant.

Dad has a flavor.

Uncle Jon carried Will back down to the tram.

*Laurel is not exaggerating this time.

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