Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 64

Will was pretty drowsy today. It's common for babies to be lethargic and lose some of their appetite the day after vaccinations, and Will was no exception. He took a lot of naps today, in his swing, in Grandma Diane's lap, in his mom's lap, in the car, on his dad, on Lisa, etc. He was pretty awake when we first got up this morning though. After tummy time we read some books. Will likes books. This is the other Eric Carle book we picked up a few days ago, Do You Want to Be My Friend?

We're both really happy that he seems to like looking at books so far. We're big book nerds.

Also: look at the cute overalls!

We picked them up (and the red shirt) at the OshKosh outlet while we were in Palm Springs, thinking that if we got them in size 6 months he'd have some time to grow into them and wear them for awhile. Yeah. They already fit perfectly now, and there's not much more room to let them out on the straps. Grandma Diane picked out some overalls in the next size up that he'll probably start wearing in no time.

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