Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 63 - Happy Two Month Birthday!

Today Will is two months old! We celebrated by taking him to the doctor to get his two month check-up. If you happened to have any worries about Will gaining weight, you can probably stop. He's 14 lbs, 7 oz, and almost 25 inches. 95th percentile for height and weight.

Before the appointment, Alison gave him a faux-hawk so they would match. I admit, I was a little wary of the faux-hawk, but it's pretty adorable.

After the appointment he seemed to be in a pretty good mood. He had three shots, but only fussed a tiny bit for the second and third ones, then was fine. So we decided to try him out in his bumbo seat, since his head control has been pretty good.

After an initial five to ten second freak out (where he probably was thinking "OH MY GOD HOW AM I SITTING UP WITHOUT SOMEONE HOLDING ME?!!?!?!?!"), he seemed to enjoy it.

Later on in the day he got pretty fussy. The area where he got his tetanus shot was swollen and bruised (perhaps we should have expected this, since his mom's tetanus shots always swell a lot). After a bottle, some Tylenol, and a cold compress on his leg, he felt better, but very sleepy.

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Miranda said...

Azalea wanted me to say, "stupid Willy having enough hair to put into a faux-hawk" I told her that wasn't a very nice thing to say but then she threw a fit so I gave in. I'm trying to get into that in whenever she cries.