Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 336

We're sorry for the long delay in updating. There's been a lot to do in the past couple weeks and unfortunately we had several days where we forgot to take pictures. (However, there are enough pictures from Denver to totally make up for the lack of pictures.)

Anyway, here are some pictures from our first full day in Denver. Will got to see his older cousin Zayley for the first time in 7 months.

Unfortunately, Will doesn't quite understand "sharing" yet. At various points over the weekend he took things from Zayley and once knocked her down to get a toy. We're raising a monster. Zayley was very nice though and often offered toys to Will.

Uncle Nate read the Paddington book Will gave Zayley (he also gave her a little Paddington Bear from London) to both kids.

Then Will crawled through Zayley's tunnel (though only after we stuck some remote controls in there; he didn't really understand why he couldn't just crawl around it otherwise).

Ugh. UGH. COUSINS are SO annoying.

Will is totally going to do that "I'm not touching you" thing to his future siblings.

Then Lorne and Will went on a hike with Nate and Nate's friend Ben. Will wasn't properly equipped for cool mountain weather, so he stole a fleece jacket with hearts on it from Zayley. Then we stole this picture from Ben. We learned from watching Will, all right?

While they were hiking, Miranda, her friend Rachel, Zayley, and Laurel went to a crapload of cupcake shops. They brought their trappings back to the house and everyone ate some. Will got his first taste of cake. This picture does not capture his love for it.

We stole that picture from Miranda. We're dirty bad stealers.

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