Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 337

Will discovered Cheerios in Denver. He loved them, though he does not love them here in San Diego. Perhaps they taste better at higher altitudes.

He was also pleased that he got to sit in a big boy seat.

Laurel sits with babies that do not want to sit with her, probably because she has a sort of creepy look on her face:

Then we went to the Coors brewery. Will payed close attention.

They're very generous with the free beer at the end.

Will shared some of his snackies with Zayley.

Will also had his first ice cream in Denver.

"Hey Dad, I'm not done with that."

Ice cream coma.

Will probably thinks Denver is the best place ever, where you get to steal all your toys from unsuspecting cousins, eat cupcakes and ice cream, and Cheerios taste better.

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