Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 359

We forgot to take a picture again. I think failing to update the blog for a long stretch also made us not remember that in order to properly update the blog eventually, we would need material.

It's too bad too, because we had a really nice day on Day 359. We went to North Park to check out a local craft show (probably not worth Laurel's time, sadly) and then had a delicious lunch at this awesome restaurant, The Linkery. Will ate fresh corn on the cob (well, off the cob, but fresh) and sat in the booth without a booster or high chair and made lots of nice friends. Then we got a yummy dessert from a bakery up the street, Heaven Sent Deserts, when went shopping for birthday party supplies. We failed to bring our camera with. Sigh. It was a really nice day though.

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