Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Year 1, Week 2

The first day of Week 2 was Father's Day. To celebrate how awesome Lorne is, we went up to Stone Brewery for the Hoppy Father's Day celebration, where they gave Lorne lots of double IPAs to try.

Stone has really beautiful grounds. We walked around for a little while while we waited for our table.

Will and Lorne played with peek-a-boo panda for awhile before lunch.

Will's favorite part of lunch was the ice cream.

We love Stone. If you come visit us, we'll take you there, and you too can enjoy their delicious food and beer. Don't you want a bruschetta BLT with locally grown and raised ingredients? Don't you want amazing beer? You do.

Later in the week, we let Will partake in the totally safe activity of climbing on boxes while holding pointy drum sticks!

Also, Will likes graham crackers.

While you may be tempted to infer from this picture that no, he doesn't like graham crackers, and in fact they make him incredibly angry and that eating one more graham cracker will make cause him to lose it completely, you're wrong. That's actually a happy face.

In other food news, black beans are pretty good.

One of our birthday presents for Will was a set of stuffed cats that resemble George and Gracie. Will enjoys them, and also takes them to bed every night.

This concludes Week 2.

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