Thursday, July 16, 2009

Year 1, Week 4

We failed to take many pictures of the 4th of July, which was this week, but here are a couple:

Will and Eric play with some wood toys at Great Grandma's

We somehow didn't get a good picture from the other angle, where you can actually see Eric's adorable face. We continue to reign as the world's worst photographers.

Every year at the 4th of July (well, every year I've been up at the ranch to celebrate, and perhaps longer than that) they make unbelievably delicious homemade ice cream. As you have seen, Will enjoys ice cream.

Leaning forward to get the ice cream in his mouth faster.


"I need to make sure none of this comes out of my mouth, so I'll just hold my hand up to keep it in there."

Will "holds" food in with his hand if it's something he really, really likes. Any sort of sweet food gets the hand up in front of his mouth, including his yogurt every morning. It's pretty funny.

No pictures of fireworks, or Will's reaction to them, but he was pretty okay. At first I think he was nervous, but we kept pointing to them and saying they were pretty, and eventually he pointed at them too. No crying. Then when they finished, he kept pointing at the sky. "Did you guys see that? No, seriously, it was up there, did you see it?!"

This week we also:

-ate some bagels

When did he stop being a baby and start being a little boy? Holy crap.

-got sleepy on the red chair

-banged on the workbench Grandma Diane brought with her when she visited for the 4th of July

-took some backlit pictures

-read some books

What? Do you have some sort of PROBLEM with BOOKS?

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