Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 143

The reason we drove up to the Bay Area was to see our friends Tricia and Andy get married. We were pretty excited about dressing Will up a little. We did ask if it was okay to bring Will - we're a little nervous about being that couple that brings their baby to adult-only events and annoys the crap out of everyone - but Tricia told us he was more than welcome. So we bought Will this little corduroy number.

The wedding was really wonderful. The ceremony was held at the Castro Theater. Laurel cried. Will cried a little too, and Lorne took him to the back of the theater. Laurel kept herself under control though, and didn't need to be taken away to calm down. After the ceremony, we all waited in the lobby so we could walk to the reception site, Cafe du Nord, together. But there was a surprise for us! Chinese lion dancers!

Will found the lion dancers SHOCKING. He was interested in watching them though, and didn't cry.

After a performance in the theater lobby, the lion dancers led us the four blocks to Cafe du Nord.

There was eating

and dancing

a nap

and lots of nice people, though Will wasn't very nice to Tricia.

Weddings are SHOCKING!!!!!

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TeeBee said...

I love how shocking everything is