Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 144

Our friends Brian and Michele live in the Bay Area as well, so before we drive back to San Diego on Sunday we had brunch with them.

Unfortunately, our real camera ran out of batteries while at the wedding, so we were forced to take Day 144's pictures on Lorne's cell phone. Wait. What's that? Pictures from Lorne's cell phone? But Lorne's 800 year old cell phone doesn't have a camera. LORNE GOT A NEW CELL PHONE! How very exciting.

After brunch, we drove up to Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, where Laurel spent weeks 6-12.5 of pregnancy with her pancreatitis and cholecystitis. It had been a year and a week or so since she was first admitted. We wanted to say hello and thank you to the people that made a really difficult, rather scary time a lot easier than it could have been. We ran into one nurse that knew us, but most of the nurses we knew well worked Monday-Friday shifts, so no dice. But we left some cupcakes at their station, and hopefully the nurse that knew us will pass the word that we stopped by and that both Laurel and Will are happy and healthy.

After the hospital, we stopped in the Teacake Bakeshop in Emeryville, picked up some cupcakes, then headed back south. The drive home was pretty uneventful, save the hourlong screaming "I won't go to sleep" fit Will threw after we ate dinner. A successful road trip, all in all, and perhaps one we'll repeat in December to watch the Huskies play* Cal.

*lose to

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