Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 157

We weren't really planning on this being today's picture, but we forgot to take any others, so here we are. We feel pretty strongly about marriage equality, and today there was a big rally in downtown San Diego to support it, so we went.

Laurel read a terribly silly article about stress during the 8th week of pregnancy causing your fetus to turn gay. Laurel spent weeks 6-12 of pregnancy in the hospital, so there was some stress there. While she feels the article was silly and had little basis in fact, it did get her thinking about all the different things her son might be. Maybe he would be a doctor like his dad, or a musician, or a chef, or an astronaut, or Will the Plumber, or whatever. He could be a lot of things. Maybe he would be gay. Who knows? Laurel can't imagine the devastation of being denied the right to marry the person she loves (that person is Lorne, just in case there was any confusion), and she doesn't want there to be a chance that her son could be denied that right.

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