Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 165 - Fake Thanksgiving

We had our big Thanksgiving meal today because Uncle Jon had to work on Thursday, and the ferry traffic off the island is miserable on Thanksgiving.

Hey Mom, what's up with putting me in a sweatervest? I look like a nerd.

I met Aunt Margie for the first time today. She gave me an awesome monkey rattle. Sometimes I hit myself in the head with it.

Then Grandma Gail gave me this awesome Thanksgiving bib, and Aunt Margie read me Green Eggs and Ham.

At the table I saw a weird looking baby in Mom's spoon.

Then I talked Mom into feeding me some sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. THEY WERE AWESOME.


Thanksgiving is tiring, but luckily Uncle Kevan is comfortable.

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