Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 150

Will's friend Fiona had a full moon party today. We're a little fuzzy on the details, but it's some sort of traditional party they have in China...and it has something to do with the baby's first full moon...and also Art said he thought maybe they used to name babies then, but they named Fiona awhile yeah. We went to a party, and there was delicious Dim Sum and cake, and there were some cute babies for Will to roll around on the floor and play with.

Here is Will and his friend Alex. Alex is a little older and is able to do a lot of actual rolling.

Here are Charlotte (at the top), Fiona, Alex, and Will.

Nice baby. Niiiiiiiiiice baby.

While the party was for Fiona, Will got a few presents from Alex (his parents forgot to give them to him earlier). One was these rings, which Will is really good at getting stuck on his feet and arms.

Another present was this mirror, which is totally SHOCKING:

Also, we started going through all Will's clothes to see what fits him now and what is too small. This involved trying on lots of hats. Laurel thought this was funny.

This sweet cow rattle was also a present from Alex, and the sock monkey hat was a present from our friend Lanie (there is a matching onesie, but sadly, Chunk has outgrown it).

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