Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 164 - Will's First Trip to Seattle!

We have been looking forward to our Thanksgiving trip to Seattle for awhile. Will's first airplane ride went well. He fussed a little bit at one point, but Lorne stood up and swayed with him in the galley for a few minutes and he fell asleep. The flight attendant in our area was awesome. He found a seat with more leg room for the guy that was next to us so we could have more room for Will, which was handy when Will decided he didn't want to be held anymore.

Jon and Emma were waiting for us at the airport! Emma was excited to see her cousin again.

We went from Sea-Tac to Elysian Brewing's Tangletown restaurant up in Wallingford. It was Kyle's birthday, but we wouldn't be able to go out with him later, so we thought we could have a drink with him prior to his festivities, and then we found out we wouldn't be able to see Mike & Alysa for the rest of the time we were in town, and also that Heidi wasn't available the day we were planning on introducing Will to everyone, so we got together for dinner. Here are Heidi and Will:

Heidi proved to be incredibly comfortable.

Something was very funny.

We managed to get no pictures of Mike, Alysa, or Kyle with Will. Here is one of the three of us though.

After dinner, we took Baby's First Ferry Ride over to Bainbridge Island so we could spend the night with Grandma Gail and Grandpa Bill. Ferry rides are HILARIOUS.

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Miranda said...

*sniff* I miss him. And you guys too of course.