Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 166

Today was an exciting day. Will got to wear his hairy coat.

Will took his second ferry ride. He liked looking out the window at the water and city.

Lorne and Laurel took some pictures of Seattle. It was a really beautiful day.

Once we got to Seattle, we walked up the waterfront to the aquarium, where we met Jon and Emma.

Will thought the tide pool was pretty funny.

Emma was very brave and touched some starfish.

Will was obsessed with one little fish in this tank. After we walked to another area, he was still looking over Laurel's shoulder to this tank, at this little fish.

Will's fish:

Will conked out after spending all that time looking at the gray and blue fish, so he napped for most of the rest of the time at the aquarium.

Emma was a pretty good tour guide.

Then we took more pictures of Seattle. The sunset was very pretty.

We then walked to Red Robin for dinner.

Grandpa Bill met us there.

Then we went back on the ferry. It was a big day.

Goodnight Seattle!

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